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Spot soil remover, STAINOFF, 4L

Spot soil remover, STAINOFF, 4L

Spot treatment of very tough food, excretion, secretion, etc...Other spots such as paint, oil, grease, cosmetics, etc. have to be treatedwith Spotting-8 series, sister product.Protaineous spots such as blood should be treated with proti, a protease product

Use for
Milk, meat, soup, blood, coffee, chocollete, etc.

Direction for Use;
Treat spot soil with brush and than put the fabrics into washing machine.

Bleach powder, White-L, 10Kg 

Bleach powder, White-L, 10Kg 

Active oxygen releaser, bleachable at room temperature remaininglittle alkali.

At room temperature, it bleaches and recovers original fresh color.Removes residual soil, transferred dye, yellowing.Strong bleaching and cleaning power, use level only 0.5-1.0 % of water.

Direction for Use;
At 20~30 Deg. C.of water, dissolve 0.5-1.0% , and than put fabrics to bleach

May raise temperature up to 40 Deg.C for transferred dye and yellowing.


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