Industrial Dishwasher machine Import & Export Company, industrial equipment imported genuine from Korea- We are proud to supply genuine premium product quality and best price.

As a company specializing in the manufacture of industrial kitchen equipment such as industrial dishwashing machines and industrial kitchen equipment  in Korea.

Dishwasher machine Made in Korea clean dishes quickly by hot water injection technology and create vortices. Energy saving cost and time. Our products imported from Korea, with two major product lines are industrial dishwashing machines Solomon - FLIGHT CONVEYOR and industrial dishwashing machines lines - Door Type.

1. Industrial dishwashers Solomon: combining excellent performance machines with sharp styling, and especially to ensure maximum quality standards in the smallest details. Confidence about maximum product quality is closely related to the maintenance mode. ADVANTAGES OF THE DISHWASHER LINE FLIGHT CONVEYOR
+ Make of high quality stainless steel + easy to disassemble and replace.
+ Sink made deep molding technology seamless.
+ Hot water storage system to help keep the water temperature at 85C-95C regularly during washing even when low water pressure, helps the dishes dry faster after washing. Time to wash can be installed under the program saves time, limiting the energy consumption while ensuring maximum hygiene standards.
+ The products Solomon meet the standards clean and sanitary strictest of HACCP.
+ Advanced automation modes help reduce labor costs, save time, water, electricity ... and recover capital investments in fast machine

2. Industrial dishwashers - Door type: a uniform cleaning system, fitted and installed with the wash table.
+ Made of stainless steel, while persisting with sink + large volume. + Control panel by using the electric motor helps ease.
+ With a large capacity and ability to wash suitable for any kinds of cups, plates, cups, trays, spoons, forks ... so type Door models are suitable for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, canteens and school district have the average wash.

In recent years the demand for dishwashers on the rise for wealthy families or for those busy no time, dishwasher, help us have more time to rest more but the cost of a dishwasher, then again not a small amount so choose a dishwasher with the best technology, energy savings and quiet operation possible.

The benefits to choose from industrial dishwashers

1. Dishwasher save water and washing powder
With maximum dishwashers only wash every 14 liters of water so that they can complete wash cycle (even only 6-7 l / wash cycle), even though you wash your hands washed with more or less the usual right take up to 20 liters / wash (maybe even more).
In terms of power, of course, when using electricity will take over when the wash craft and power depending on depending on models.
2. Dishwasher utilities
dishwasher with your process a lot more simple, you just put the bowl into the machine (no need to clean or rinsed dishes), select the program and press start - dishwasher will do the rest for you.
3. Dishwasher made dishes cleanly
With several programs to wash, rinse and drying mode with many different temperature other- family dishes not only dirt but also reducing khuan- clean clean. According to statistical study by University of Louisville School of Medicine, they found 16,000 bacteria in a dish to be washed by hand. While the average number of bacteria that they count tren1 plate was washed with dishwasher less than 390 average number of bacteria that they count on one plate is washed by hand. Technology makes a powerful sprinkler dishes are washed more
4. Dishwasher low noise
For each line is different dishwashers, capable of making noise is different. For example, the machine is usually more noise Premium machine (advanced machine noise level standards, so it feels softer mellow and more).

High advantage & features:

Material stainless steel, durable over time.
Hot water injection system automatically, only 1 module and used for washing several times.
Time to wash fast with 70s / trays, dishes up to 60 units / time.
Components genuine, durable, easy to replace.
Machine compact, arranged to suit any space.

Video operational industrial dishwashers Korea - Video operational industrial dishwashers, imported from Korea. Dishwashers Made in Korea clean dishes quickly by hot water injection technology and create vortex. Saving energy costs and time

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