Wetcleaning detergent Moria brand Korea


Moria  emphasizes  in its laundry development, not only complete cleaning and environment- friendliness, but also Wellbeing and Zero-Defect Laundry, by  which Moria tries to realize  

(1) no damage on fabrics in cleaning process,
(2) minimization of color loss and dye-transfer 
(3) prevention of fabric "yellowing”  phenomenon,  all  in a  simple  word, "fabric aging” phenomena in cleaning process. 

To do this objective, a detergent must be, first above all, very low-foaming in order to ensure efficient rinsing and minimization of soil residues on fabrics, because the remaining  unsaturated  fatty acid esters makes later "yellowing”through oxidation.  
In addition, the cleaning process should be completed at no alkali level and at no elevated temperature. That is to say the cleaning should be at room temperature, say 20-30 Deg.C., at neutral range of pH or below 9 at most

To perform such conditions as above, detergent manufactures are obligated to develop enough detergency of a detergent and to use proper additives and enzymes. 

Another obligation of detergent manufactures is on aspects of productivity in cleaning process; good detergency to make quicker cleaning with omitted "pretreatment”  in most cases, quicker rinsing with less time and water and energy, and low enough viscosity of detergent so as to feed it by micro pumps, etc. 

DRYTEN-d, 18L, No-pretreatment neutral and cold wash detergent
Non ionic surfactant combined with 3 kinds of enzymes makes best washing power.
From wool and silk, to cotton and synthetics.No need of pretreatment for most of soiled fabrics.
Minimum decoloration and dye-transfer, remaining no soil.

Dryten-d; concentrated, low foaming, enzymatic, Detergent 
For most of fabrics which are not very heavily soiled, no-pretreatment, cold wash detergent.

Concentrated low foaming, neutral, environment-friendly liquid detergent.
Contains moisturizer and conditioning silicone.

Use for:
Cotton, Syntheticd, Rayon, Wool and silk

Direction for Use:
Standard Usage; 30ml/30L water。
For tough soil, use 50% excess, or in the event of pretreatment, treat with Dryten-d in dilutionwith water 1:1
Wash temperature; 25‐30 Deg. C