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Fabrinse-e- Wellbeing Det

Fabric conditioner/Treatment Rinse for Wetcleaning Wool and Silk

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Fabric Conditioner, Fabrinse-e, 18L
 Fabric conditioner for wetcleaning fabrics for wool and silk

1. It restores fabric treatment silicone which was lost during washcycle,and makes softer and glossier.
2. Removes static current
3. Silicone makes fabrics softer and good sizing effect.It makes good pressability, soiling preventive effect and also better desoiling effect.
4. It contains durable disinfectant and prevents growth of microbes on the fabrics, and removes odor generated by microbes.Durability lasts 6-12 Months.
5. Due to positive charge of static electricity, it repels dust deposition on fabrics

Use for;
Wool, silk, rayon, acetates

Direction for Use;
Standard Usage; 1 0ml/10L of water
Put this in last rinsing cycle, and do not rinse with water any more.