Industrial flight conveyor type made in korea


Mini Flight Conveyor Type Serise

With a ‘flight conveyer type’ is a widely used model solely of Solomon, in such entities as hospitals, hotels, public offices, or businesses, where a limited space is concerned. 

Adopted a self-diagnosis LCD monitor for users’ convenience; and Applied the door spring system that perfected the balance of the weight of ‘one-touch’ control panel door and the spring tensile strength.The filter of the 1st washing tank and of the 2nd suction filter, keep washing water clean.

The appropriate washing tank for the size of dishes and dry zone, are great for maintaining the needed temperature of washing water and a drying effect.


Model:ST – MF10GD
Type: 1 tank
Size( W*L*H):2875*700*1830 mm
Capacity(Meal plate/hour): 660 
Washing pump/ Driving motor: 1.5kw(2HP)/ 0.4 Kw.
Rinse pump: 0.15 Kw
Dry heating method: 12Kw
Tank heating method: 5 Kw
Max power consumption: 19.5 kw
Gas consumption: 48,000 Kcal/Hr
Electricity: 3 phase 4 wire (220v/380v)
Water supply/drain: 15A/50A
Gas : 15A
Conveyor speed: 0.82m/min
Conveyor Extent: 530 mm
Origin: Korea, new 100%