HWASUNG CLEANTECH - Industrial washing machine genuine Korea



1. The system of springs and damper industrial design and installation of a scientific way to absorb the maximum vibration and shaking the device operation.
Thanks to this system of springs that equipment to balance and clear operation with ultra-high capacity - Paros.
Installation should not reinforced base and foundation for the machine. Maybe put the device in the high-rise location.

2.Motor controlled inverter system leading modern world today.
Inverter control system helps the device can run with different speed extractor, from which meet the needs washing-extractor for all kinds of different materials
More effective protection for longer motor life and above all save energy, reduce operating costs.

3.He the industrial bearings and seals.
Division oiler / grease automatic device always operates at steady state and the most perfect. With this function, users reduce equipment maintenance time, while ensuring the longevity of the industry felt compassion may.2 lips Class 3 6 times more likely to enhance waterproof and chemical and drive shaft and the bear.

4.He microprocessor controls the world's leading modern.
For washing programs can change and installation, including the washing programs are world standard manufacturer-installed.
Adjust the water level, temperature, speed extractor, washing time ...
The system is ready to connect to the PC center console, enhanced automation and management highest.

May giat chinh hang korea

May say quan ao chinh hang korea

lap dat may giat cong nghiep

Mua ban may giat cong nghiep korea

Thiet bi giat vat say la korea

Korean Industrial Washer provides hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, resorts, military barracks, textile mills and factories civil industrial cleaning ....