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Electric steam boiler model SM 5500

The One JSC Electric Steam  Boilers specializes in steam and hot water generators …You Can Buy Various High Electric Steam Boiler SM-5500, Products from Korea Steam Boiler, Supply and distribute Steam Boiler ...

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Electric Steam Boilers

Electric Steam Boilers by Ssangma requires the lowest maintenance cost with moderate electric charge while keeping the environment quiet and clean. 

Lowest maintenance cost with moderate electric charge, surpreme environment by silent and clean system


Electric steam boiler directly imported by The One JSC which a big distribute all kind of steam boiler, boilers In Viet Nam. Please call me to get the best price.

Electric steam boiler made in Korea, Ssangma brand is a very well-known brand. We are very pride of a distributor of Ssangma boiler company. Our products is the number one, not compare with other suppliers


• High energy efficiency
• Interior with special insulation
• Low defect rate
• Convenient to use
• Ultra small
• Noise and pollution free
• Electricity costs efficiency
• Excellent after-sales service


Model: SM-5500
Brand: Ssangma
Assembled in Korea
Electric power consumption (kw): 55
Steam production capacity (kg/hr): 77
Calorific value (kcal/h): 47.300
Hydraulic test pressure (kg/cm3): 7
Operating pressure (kg/cm3) (mpa): 3~4 (0.3~0.45)
Approximate weight (kg): 240
Dimension (mm): 600x950x1050
water supply inlet: 15
drain nozzle: 20
main steam outlet: 20
safety valve: 20
Origin: Korea
New 100%