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May giat cong nghiep gia tot Han Quoc 23kg
Refer model installation laundry equipment imported Korea - With the equipment include:
Washer extractor Hardmount Paros 30kg, industrial dryer Bossong 50kg, heavy duty flatwork ironer

Refer laundry models installed in Vietnam with 100% imported equipment from Korea


Model : HSCW-AE23
Brand : CLEANTECH - KOREA - ALPS Washer Extractor
Assembled in Korea
Rated capacity (Kg): 23
Drum dimension( mm): 800
Drum depth (mm/inch): 440
Washing( RPM): 35 ~ 60
Extract (RPM): 400 ~ 520
Volume (l/gallon): 231
Motor (HP/kw): 5/3.7
Inventer (HP/kw):5.5/4
Water/Warm Water/Drain/Steam (A): 15/15/65/-
Dimensions: 985 x 1156 x 1492mm
Voltage Power: 3P 220V hoặc 380V, 60Hz
Electric heating (kw/h): 10
Weight : 350 Kg
RCF( Kg/rpm): 229
Origin: Korea, New 100%

May giặt ALPS 23kg Hàn Quốc



  - Production of American technology, production installations in Korea (KOREA).

  - A type of cleaning equipment "Hard-mount" or "baby". This type of washing machine washing chamber structure to be attached to the frame, the frame is designed in the shape of a monolithic or type H. Because such monolithic design, the machine needs to be squeezed and forced resting point set it shall be fastened to place the pad resting point for this.

  - Dashboard convenient, easy to use and has many different modes.

  - The program was set includes 3 water levels, temperature control, self-cooling, temperature (80 to 190¬ F / 27 ° C¬ 88¬¬¬) available with automatic heating system , chemical injection system automatically change time cleaning, milking time.

  - Laundry Hwasung ALPS Cleantech combines the flexibility of the cycle with water temperature to suit each type of cloth and cleaning chemicals are used effectively.